Ingenuity for Life, in the heart of Toronto

I’m very pleased to share the story of one of our innovative collaborations, one that is making a powerful difference in the bustling centre of downtown Toronto. Enwave Energy Corporation operates three energy facilities in the heart of the city, including its flagship steam-heat plant on Pearl Street. Enwave provides heat to about 150 buildings – including Toronto General Hospital, City Hall, universities, arts and cultural landmarks, condo high-rises and office towers.

The Pearl Street plant has been operating for about 60 years and it was time to replace its electromechanical control technology. In the words of Joyce Lee, Enwave’s VP of System Operations and Asset Management, “we needed to move into the digital era.”

That kind of statement is music to my ears. I’m proud to lead a company that is setting an international example in the move to digitalization. As I have often said, digitalization is not simply a means to more efficient corporate operations; it is the essential route to environmental sustainability.

We were delighted when Enwave chose Siemens as its technology partner. We were responsible for supply, engineering, installation, maintenance and support of the cutting-edge Process Automation control system, and the intelligent field instruments connected to it.

To quote Joyce Lee once again, she described our proposal as “a unique solution… we cannot find it anywhere else.” And – to my great delight – she praised our team for their continued commitment to service and support, after the project was completed, and going forward.

That’s all very good news – for Siemens and for our partners. There is nothing more powerful than a genuine testimonial from a satisfied partner.

From the very important sustainability perspective, there is more good news. The new Process Control System we brought to the Pearl Street operation reduces Enwave’s carbon footprint and emissions.

Siemens is a world leader in energy systems, and our trusted partnership with Enwave is in no way ended. We’re working together to accomplish the kinds of results that will make all the difference in our challenging environment. The signs of success are already there – although it is more than 60 years old, the Pearl Street steam plant is now operating at a level of efficiency that exceeds most newly-built steam plans.

Leveraging the companies’ shared passion for innovation, plans are now in the works on some amazing new possibilities. For example, for the Combined Heat and Power program, the objective is to take automation to the next level of sophistication. It’s expected to not only be fully controllable remotely, but also able to proactively calculate the exact timing of when electricity should be dispatched.

I was quite moved when Enwave representatives stated their appreciation, not only for a successful partnership, but for Siemens’ overall commitment to “doing something so valuable for society.” That’s Ingenuity for Life.

To learn more about our partnership with Enwave, please click here.


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