Ingenuity for Life

When you log on to the Siemens Canada website, I’m sure you will notice that something has changed. The “Siemens” logo is still proudly there, but there is a new tagline: “Ingenuity for Life”. I had the pleasure of introducing this significant new element of our corporate brand at the Ontario Economic Summit a few days ago.

We chose this new tagline because of the two key pillars invoked by these words. “Ingenuity” captures the truth that we at Siemens aspire to be highly creative, that we continually innovate, that we execute with excellence and that we act responsibly in everything we do.

The “for life” portion means that we at Siemens are always connected to people. It means that our solutions will create a lasting, positive impact on people’s lives, on the society in which we live, and on the precious environment of our planet. We do this not because we have to, but simply because it is the right thing to do.

“Ingenuity for life” is a very forward-looking concept – it promises that we will work to develop solutions for Canada’s challenges and opportunities today, tomorrow, and in the next 150 years of this great country, and that we will continue to foster life-changing innovation as long as we exist as a company. And that will be a very long time, indeed.

Our new brand also has roots in our past; Siemens has launched “Ingenuity for life” globally, this year – the 200th anniversary of the birth of our founder, Werner von Siemens. We stand on a strong foundation of historical success – success built on the unchanging core values of high quality products, innovative strength, and reliability – but we take none of that for granted, and we recognize that change is a reality we simply have to embrace.

Over the next few months, you will hear from our customers about how we have supported them with our ingenuity. I’m looking forward to sharing some of their stories.

One such story that demonstrates “Ingenuity for Life” is the ongoing partnership with New Brunwick’s NB Power.

We are working with NB Power to create a paradigm-changing system of managing and delivering electrical energy. As electrical utilities around the world can attest, this industry is in the midst of profound change.

NB Power decided to be spectacularly proactive, and called on Siemens and the University of New Brunswick to partner with them on what can only be called a full-system transformation. Approximately 150 smart grid initiatives are underway, including the introduction of intelligent load management software that allows customers to lower energy costs by reducing and shifting electricity demand.  We are supporting utility transformation through innovations in data analytics and other software to provide more consistent service – and power source sustainability. The path ahead must be green.

Siemens Canada is investing in “Ingenuity for Life” in New Brunswick, through the Global Centre of Competence in Fredericton, and by funding smart grid research projects at New Brunswick universities. And we have worked to create something that also might be called a “smart grid” – a network that links researchers at the University of New Brunswick, at Siemens and at NB Power, enabling researchers to develop and test sustainable electricity innovations, and then prove them sustainable and market-ready.

Clearly, our new tagline is no mere marketing exercise. I believe “Ingenuity for life” will speak to our partners, our stakeholders, and our customers – but first and foremost, it will speak to our people, as a constant reminder that our mission is to use technology and our digital expertise to improve the lives of Canadians, and to foster sustainability and environmental health, in this country and across the globe.

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