Proud to be in good company

At Siemens Canada, we take the holidays very seriously. We joyfully wear our holiday sweaters and celebrate the season – as a corporate family, and with our friends and family. But I’m most proud of the way the Siemens team embraces our community, working together to help those in need at this time of the year.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), as discussed in my last blog, is a cornerstone of our Siemens Canada philosophy, and December is a month in which we especially focus on CSR. This month, we participate in our annual Hope for Holidays campaign, collecting funds, toys and food to be distributed by the Salvation Army’s Syrian Refugee Relief Effort. We are also partnering with the Canadian Red Cross to provide food, household items and health services to refugees in Syria, Iraq and Libya. Internationally, Siemens has made a €2 million donation to assist refugees.

I know we are not alone in this – Canada is home to hundreds of businesses that are responsible, caring corporate citizens. In the past few weeks, I have again been made especially aware of this, with the announcement of a number of corporate awards.

It has been announced elsewhere, so I won’t go into detail, but I am very pleased that Siemens Canada has won three national awards, named as one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers, honoured as one of the country’s Best Ten Companies to Work for, and also chosen as a Greater Toronto Area Top Employer.

In this, we are in very good company. I congratulate all our colleagues and friends for their achievements, including our neighbours here in Oakville, the Ford Motor Company of Canada.

I am grateful for the organizations that sponsor these corporate awards, because they create an immediate network of excellence. Each of us can learn from the other companies honoured. The awards list is a virtual handbook of best practices – innovation, creativity, efficiency, sustainability, adaptation – all the attributes needed for success in this ever-changing environment. Siemens Canada is privileged to be numbered among this impressive list of the best in the nation.

Why do these awards matter? They stand for the work the Siemens Canada team has done together, and the culture we have developed over the last few years.

They underline the importance of being responsible as a business – a lesson that corporate Canada has learned very well, and one we cannot forget, for the good of this wonderful country.

I appreciate all the honours, but I must point to the Top Employer award as something very, very special, because it recognizes that we have created an excellent workplace environment – and that means we have an excellent team. Our Vice President of Human Resources, Kim Velluso, expressed a fundamental truth very well: “We are proud to be recognized for our commitment to our greatest asset – our employees.”

I believe that these awards not only honour our present-day employees, they also set the stage for this company to attract the best talents in the future. And that bodes very well indeed for Siemens Canada.

I am very, very proud of our people, and of our company. I am also proud of the corporate community in Canada, and I encourage all of our colleagues to continue to make the kind of difference recognized in these awards, for the betterment of our industries, our economy, and most importantly, of our communities and our country.

All the best in this special season.


Celebrating the holidays with Siemens Canada CFO Bo Ouyang
Sharing holiday wishes at our annual holiday breakfast
Serving up breakfast to our employees at our holiday party! L-R Myself, Bo Ouyang, David Hickey, George Ravalico