Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Everyone wins!

I like to win. Those who know me well won’t be surprised by this confession. Whether it’s in the corporate world, or on the sports fields, I play to win.

But “winning” can mean a lot of different things in our complex world. For instance, I played in an October soccer match between Siemens and NB Power. The final score, however, was 5-0 … for NB Power. I must say, I have a difficult time disclosing this result, but…

The good news is, we all came away as winners, because this is an annual charity match, and the losing team donates money to the winner’s charity of choice.

Better still, the winners also donate money to the charity chosen by the losing squad.

So it’s not hard to see that everyone involved comes out as a winner.

I believe that sports can teach us a lot about the right way to do business; the values that contribute to a team’s success translate perfectly into the corporate world: teamwork, competitiveness, fairness, and perhaps most importantly, collaboration.

This annual soccer match – and I very much enjoy playing in it, every time – is a great example of something that lies at the heart of the Siemens Canada philosophy – our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

This commitment plays out in a number of ways. Often, the result is very hands-on… Siemens employees have our support – including paid time off – as they volunteer in charitable and community opportunities, like Habitat for Humanity builds. We encourage our people to identify the causes they most care about, to follow their hearts to make their communities a better place.

Last year, we donated more than $350,000 to Canadian non-profit organizations, ranging from Cystic Fibrosis Canada and the Salvation Army to Food Banks Canada. We donate to dozens of other charitable and community causes as well.

When it comes to Corporate Social Responsibility, though, our contributions of time, energy and funds to worthy causes is only part of the picture. As I have written in previous blogs, Siemens has expended considerable resources in the areas of education, creating and sustaining programs to better prepare young Canadians for the careers that await them – and I believe that these and other educational programs are truly a mark of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Siemens Canada is committed to act in the best interest of coming generations. That’s on all fronts: economic, environmental, and societal.

All of this is why I am so delighted to participate in the soccer match with NB Power. While this event does raise important dollars for charity, it’s also a great symbol of the bigger picture. NB Power is one of Siemens’ Trusted Partners; our relationship goes far beyond that of supplier and client. We are indeed partners in every way, and together, we are committed to developing and supplying sustainable power across the province of New Brunswick.

I was very pleased to read some comments about our partnership, made by Brad Wasson, Program Director for Reduce and Shift Demand for NB Power. Brad spoke about our partnership, saying, “We have a shared vision… If you want to change the world, what better way than to find the world’s best partner to help you do it?” And I have to return this compliment to our partners of NB Power, they are awesome in by all means!

That’s the result of Corporate Social Responsibility at its very best. Everybody wins!

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