Integrity, transparency and honesty – key to being a “Trusted Partner”

At Siemens, we know that our success is founded upon a dual focus on innovation and relationships. We cannot succeed by stressing one without the other.

We know that developing a completely digitized, integrated operation is vital to our ongoing success. We embrace this strategy wholeheartedly, and we’re proud that Siemens Canada has taken its place at the forefront of innovation.

But our approach is also a very human strategy, focusing on people – our customers, business partners, communities and team members – and on building sustainable relationships.

And that’s why Siemens Canada is celebrating our “trusted partner” relationships with our customers, our expression of commitment to collaboration. The phrase “trusted partner” is much more than a branding exercise – it is a statement based on shared values, and a clear strategy for going forward.

We are a partner with our customers. We are co-collaborators. They can come to us, based on trust. And that trust is based on our values. We make a commitment to our customers, and our customers can rely on us to fulfill it.

We are just as proud of our partnerships as we are of our industry-leading innovations and technologies. These two factors are entirely interconnected, of course – a key reason that our partners can trust us is that based on our technological expertise and innovation, we can create the right solution for them, every time.

This really is all about relationships. I can promise that Siemens’ representatives will never simply try to sell you something, right off the bat. We recognize that we need to get to know our customers, to understand your basic strategy, and the context in which your company works. As we work together to find the right solutions for you, this relationship – over time, because I’m taking nothing for granted, here – will evolve into the kind of trust I am talking about. It doesn’t happen immediately, but it will happen, as customers experience Siemens’ execution, implementation and innovation, meeting their needs, solving their challenges, making them more competitive.

We all know that not everything is perfect. In order to improve the experience for our customers, we have to be brutally honest with ourselves. We have to listen to our customers, be completely transparent, share with them what we hear and see, and include them in our actions to drive their satisfaction with our performance to a higher level.

Honesty is based on full transparency. Integrity is based on full honesty. We recently conducted our annual customer satisfaction survey. We received very positive results from our customers, but we also had customers give us valuable feedback about where we should and could improve. I see this as an opportunity as it guides us on our way to excellence and to becoming a trusted partner for all of our customers.

I know this without doubt, because we can identify many Siemens Canada customers who have embraced the idea of a “trusted partner,” and are happy to tell the world about our relationship – customers such as the TORONTO 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games; New Brunswick Power; Calgary Transit; Algonquin College; and the Town of Tillsonburg, Ontario. You can read more about these relationships – including some very positive comments from representatives of these partners – on our website,

The themes that emerge in their comments include a celebration of our trusted partner relationship, and a conviction that Siemens has become a very real part of their operation.

I mentioned above that this is not merely some kind of branding exercise. It’s not. Nor is it a “management plan” conceived in a brainstorming session, and floated as a nice idea.

No, earning the right to be a “trusted partner” is something we are building right into the bones of Siemens Canada. It’s part of our corporate culture, and everyone, from my office out, is working to ensure that each and every employee understands this. This is true in our factories, across our offices, throughout our sales staff, in our tech teams, and it’s built right into the training and education we are offering starting with our newest recruits.

To each employee, we’re stressing that it’s not enough to do a job for a customer; we also have to do it the right way. That means being honest – saying, if necessary, “I don’t have the solution right now, but I will go back and find the right person and they will call you.” That kind of integrity builds trust. Siemens is committed to build our business on exactly that kind of integrity, and we demand it from our service people, our sales team – and me as the CEO.

Being a trusted partner means just one thing: our customers can rely on this company.